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Why Is My Adt Camera Blinking Green?

Why Is My Adt Camera Blinking Green?

If your ADT camera is blinking green light then it can be a signal of some technical issue but don’t be confused as it doesn’t always mean that there is a severe issue. ADT camera can blink green light too when there are some updates going on like if you are initiating the ADT camera setup but if you notice unusual behaviour of the device then solving this becomes necessity. In this blog you will get acknowledged with Blinking green LED’s cause, meaning and solution.

Green LED can be indicator of normal functionality of your camera– Many times when your ADT camera starts blinking green light then it can be an indicator that your security camera is working properly, or your ADT camera is on, having stable network or your camera is recording or transmitting the data and this thing completely depends on the camera model or series number because ADT proffers wide range of cameras.

Updating Firmware– Your ADT camera can blink green light when it has new firmware update available and the update process is going on. To improve the performance of the camera, to add new advanced technology-based features that can improve camera’s functionality and for mending the susceptibilities firmware update are required and regularly released by the manufactures. The update required some time because the update sizes can big and for the smooth update process make sure to have the reliable internet speed and connection. 

Connection errors– ADT security camera needs proper internet connection and if your camera is blinking green light at interval or irregularly then it can be the indicator of poor connection speed. Verify the internet speed and quality of other devices that are connected to the same home network if they are working properly then there is an issue with the camera only which can be solved either by rebooting or by resetting and if other devices are also facing the connectivity issue, then reboot your router that is providing the internet and if that doesn’t work contact your ISP to resolve the occurring issue.

Verify the Power connection– Power related issues can often create the problem of blinking green light so check your camera model whether it is battery operated or having direct power supply through an adapter. Either it can be because of low battery or because the power connection is loose and there can be further possibility that your power outlet has some issue like power fluctuation, socket might have burnt because of circuit issue. So thoroughly examine the electric source and adjust it if needed.

Hardware error of the camera- If there is a fault in the camera’s hardware then also you can experience the blinking LED light though it is not common and rarely possible but if you have verified the above methods and those were not the reasons then this can be the possible reason and to resolve this your need to examine that is there some physical damage, loose connection or your camera is giving you the sign of malfunctioning. If you suspect any of these consult our customer support and get your camera replaced if they suggest you to do so.


If your issue of blinking green light doesn’t get resolved with above mentioned steps then you must contact our experts who can brilliantly handle this issue.