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Resetting Your ADT Camera A Step-by-Step Guide

Resetting Your ADT Camera: A Step-by-Step Guide

To get the peace of mind and to fulfil the responsibility of your loved one’s safety getting the security camera is the right decision and choosing ADT can proved to be the best decision ever because of its reliable and decade of services. While using these devices you must be well aware of the possible issues that can interrupt your camera’s working and its access as well. Don’t let your peace be interrupted when your camera stops working because of some issue that you are not even aware of and for that you must choose the reset option to get the solution. If you are not acquainted with the reset ADT camera process then this blog might be helpful for you.

Let’s start with the reasons first that can cause such issues that need resetting.

  • If there are some technical glitches that you are not aware of can stop your camera’s working and to get out of this issue you need to perform reset.
  • To resolve the connectivity issues too you can use the reset option.
  • If you have made some setting changes for your camera and you want the original state back then also reset will be helpful.
  • If your camera setup has not been done accurately, or you have forgot the login credential and want it to restore on the default state then too you might need to reset the camera.
  • In case you are moving to other place or if you want to sell the camera then you have to erase the data and personal information and that can be executed through reset.
Please understand that reset steps may vary a little depending on your camera model but generally they are same.

Reset Guide

  • Search the reset button on the camera, you may find it labelled and inside a tiny hole, don’t be worried that how to press it because you can use a sharp pin edge object for this pressing purpose.
  • If you wonder why it is placed inside a tiny hole then we will answer this question for you, it’s because to avoid the unintentional pressing otherwise you will sticked in continuous reset loop.
  • Before starting the process first keep a backup of all important data into a file and note down the manual settings you have made for your convivence into it because reset will erase all setting and data.
  • Don’t forget to power off the camera before executing the process, for this you can plug it out from the power source.
  • Use the suggested object for this and push the button, hold it until you see the LED lights, on noticing the LED lights you can release the button.
  • Wait till the lights turn to solid from blinking position. Plug your camera back into the power source and switch it on again.
  • Initiate the camera setup, complete the ADT Camera Login, add the camera with the help of the app.
  • Complete the wifi connection and access the camera setting. According to your convenience you can alter or adjust its settings.


With these easy instructions you can reset ADT camera easily but in case you have some difficulty in the execution you can contact us to get the resolution.