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How to interpret an ADT Doorbell that Blinks Red Light

How to interpret an ADT Doorbell that Blinks Red Light?

A lot of problems might be indicated by the blinking red light on your ADT doorbell camera. This implies that there is an issue and that you must change the way you think in order to solve it.

Causes of ADT's Blinking Red Light

  • Your ADT doorbell has to be recharged right away if it is swiftly blinking red since this often indicates that the doorbell’s battery is likely to run out.
  • It’s possible for the hardware to occasionally start giving out signals that are false. These hardware-related problems serve as constant reminders that there is a major problem that has to be resolved as soon as is feasible.
  • It’s also possible that your doorbell’s internet connection has been cut off. If you notice a red ring surrounding your ADT doorbell, your internet may be malfunctioning and has to be serviced right soon.
  • Your wifi signal may be the issue. Once the Wi-Fi connection is restored, the red signal will go and the blue “live” light will show once again.

How to Quickly Fix the ADT Doorbell Camera's Red Blinking Light?

Homeowners who place a high importance on home security should be sure to regularly check their home security gear to make sure it is functioning correctly. This includes those who have a trustworthy ADT security system. It’s also vital to stay alert to any warning indicators the hardware may be showing. When the red blinking light on an ADT doorbell camera show, either there is a power issue or the camera’s battery is becoming low. By restarting the router and doorbell, this issue will be fixed and internet connectivity will be restored. In general, hardware warning indicators that point to an issue that has to be fixed right away should be noticed by homeowners. So, if you’re seeking for solutions then you must follow the instructions properly:
Recharge the battery in your ADT Doorbell –
If the ADT doorbell camera is blinking red due to a low battery or a defective battery, you can attempt charging the device or changing the battery. Battery life varies greatly depending on when you notice your ADT battery signal. Therefore, it’s imperative to move quickly, connect your charger, and begin powering your security system as soon as possible.
Alter the battery in your ADT Doorbell –
Your ADT video doorbell’s battery may occasionally need to be changed. You urgently need a new battery at this point if the red-light blinking occurs frequently.
Your Internet connection needs fixing –
The router may not be working correctly, the signal may not be as strong as it normally is, or the network may have been totally turned down for whatever reason and this all will be indicated by the blinking red light. You can try strengthening your Wi-Fi signal by moving your router closer to the camera or installing a Wi-Fi range extender if a shaky internet connection is the root of the red blinking light. You may also search for more devices linked to the same network that might be causing interference and briefly unplug them to see if the connection improves.


If you have a wireless ADT system, the troubleshooting advice provided in this article should be able to fix your issue. ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red. However, it is important to check the wiring and the differences in power if you are using a hardwired or non-wireless device. By doing this, you can check that the system’s power supply is functioning correctly and find and fix any potential problems. Additionally, you may get in touch with our ADT customer care team for assistance if you need it to fix your problems. When you contact us, our professionals make sure to pinpoint your issues, correct the mistakes, and provide you with both speedy and permanent solutions. You may help us make your whole setup trustworthy and approachable by contacting us using the details provided below.