ADT Smart Wifi Camera

Using ADT WiFi camera without service

Using ADT WiFi camera without service

In the home security industry, ADT is the most prominent name as it provides the best security services to safeguard your home. When we generally use cameras or other smart gadgets we are told that these home gadgets are required to be connected to the network of the responsible firm and should be persistently monitored for proper functioning.

Besides being the oldest security camera company, ADT has earned an eminent position in this industry for its longest money-back guarantee. Having a large monitoring network, ADT offers a 30-day trial period and a six-month money-back guarantee and has become the most trusted name among 6 million customers.

Using an ADT WiFi camera without service is possible?

While installing ADT Wi-Fi camera many users are confused with the thought that using an ADT Wi-Fi camera without service is not possible. Undoubtedly, there are a myriad of benefits of installing the ADT camera for your security purpose but if you cannot afford to or don’t want to spend money on its services then you can use these camera systems without service. There is a myth among users that if they don’t sign up for an ADT-monitored plan then the system will not work properly and they will not enjoy benefits such as remote arming/disarming and self-monitored zones.
Having a top position and keeping its name among the most prestigious home security camera companies was not easy for ADT. Its unique features and remarkable methods to secure your property are its major achievements. So, the answer to your question is yes, using an ADT Wi-Fi camera without service is possible in case you don’t have a signed contract with ADT regarding monitoring services.
It is very easy to monitor your ADT system on your own and it makes the functioning super reliable when connected with the number of home surveillance camera systems available. Further, you can also connect your equipment to your smart device if you want to remotely watch the current status of your home even without paying for the services. Check for the steps given below:-
  • Set your  ADT equipment into standby mode.
  • Link the power adapter.
  • To link and view the feed use of your mobile phone or laptop.
  • Make sure that there is an active cellular connection available.
  • Now just activate the “ADT Home Security Remote Viewer” app.
  • Thereafter save the settings and enjoy the features.


ADT puts forward a range of plans that fit into any budget. Besides this, the users can also opt for the ADT service that is ADT blue. By using this service users can install their home monitoring system. The only difference between this service and standard service is that it will not be a professional service as it is comprehended for the people who cannot afford the extra rates of the monitored services. In that case ADT has proven to be the best home security company that offers monitoring options without services.