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Adt Camera Not Working After Changing Wifi

Adt Camera Not Working After Changing Wifi

ADT camera is one of most recognized security cameras, its features are based on the latest technology and are easily applicable. Wifi network is most crucial part of accessing the ADT camera setup and facing connectivity issue is also possible with security cameras, when your camera doesn’t respond or there can be multiple reasons that you might opt to change wifi network and changing the wifi network for connectivity resolution is a good decision but even after this if you face issue with camera’s working then you can opt the tips given here in this blog.

Verify the network credentials and settings
To overcome the issue, you must verify the credentials of your new wifi network, make sure you have entered the right details of your new network that is its name and password. Typing errors can often create connectivity problem and prevent camera from working.

Try rebooting of router and camera both
This is all time working tip, with simple rebooting of your router and camera can resolve the connectivity and camera working error. To reboot your camera and router you just need to cut down the power connectivity by unplugging them from power source. A few moments wait is required and plug put back into the electrical source.

Wifi network’s signal and sturdiness
This is really important from the connectivity point of view that your wifi network is efficiently working, having stable and sturdy network. If there is singal issue then you must contact your service provider and if your camera is out of network range or far away then you must use wifi extenders, or clear the heavy objects and electronic devices between camera and router.

Firmware issue
If you are using outdated firmware version in your camera then you can face connectivity issue and to overcome update your camera’s firmware with latest version, for firmware update you can consult the manufacturer’s site or check it with your ADT app. Change to the up-to-date version of the firmware and replace the older one with new one.

Resolve connectivity with resetting option
If your camera is still having the connectivity issue then you must opt for factory reset option but make sure to save all your setting and have the back up of the files and important data because reset will erase everything and bring your camera back in factory setting then you have to do all the setting including ADT camera setup and wifi connectivity.

Check the frequency band
Though the latest router and cameras are dual band supportive but some older camera models does work on 2.4 Ghz band. Check the wifi network frequency and set it to 2.4Ghz, to set the frequency accordingly check your camera model and its frequency support at manufacturer’s website.


Changing wifi network can create camera not working issue if you will not pay proper attention to the above given details, you can speak with the members of our support team and get the reliable solution to resolve your issue in no time.