ADT Smart Wifi Camera

How to connect ADT security cameras to a wifi network

How to connect ADT security cameras to a wifi network

ADT is well known and one of the top security camera brands. It’s a reputative security camera provider company. ADT cameras required wifi connection to access the live videos, images and keeping the recording. In this blog you can learn how to connect ADT camera to wifi, just follow the steps given below;

  • Complete the required details. Before starting the process keep the details ready with you like wifi network name also known as SSID, network password. Also have the default details of the camera if you not change it.
  • Find the wifi network you want to link your device with, it must be on and must cover the area where your camera is situated. Before anything your first priority is to charge your camera and have good source of electricity. Power link your camera with electricity.
  • Have a control of camera settings, for that you need to have a device on which the ADT camera app is downloaded and the device should also be connected to the same wifi network.
  • Use the app or web browser to gain access over camera setting by login to your ADT account. With add device option add a new camera in device management.
  • When your camera will get identified, the list of wifi available network will appear. Choose your network and complete the connection by filling the password. Check if the camera is added or not, if you can view it then connection is successful, if not then you might have skipped something and execute it again.
  • If the connection is successful then you can enhance your camera’s working by altering the settings of your camera and for that wifi connection is essential.

How to coonect ADT Camera to a new wifi

Although the procedure is almost same as above but if you want to know How to connect ADT camera to new wifi and add them so make sure your camera is fully charged, and in the range of wifi network router. Launch the app or web browser on the same wifi accessed device. Now look for the change wifi option in the settings. When found check the list of all available wifi network and choose the SSID which you want connect now, enter the password, verify it y rechecking and move to the next step that is checking the connection between your camera with new wifi. You can modify the camera setting once the connection is established.


Owning the security camera is not sufficient, you need to configure it first accurately so that you can move to other step, wifi connection is the key point of getting connected to your camera and its setting, be careful while setting the wifi connection between the camera and your smart phone, double check the details that you are entering otherwise you have to start from the beginning. If you face any problem in connected to wifi and these steps won’t serve then contact our team and talk to one of our specialists to resolve the issue.