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How to connect ADT Camera to WiFi?

If you want to install the ADT wireless security camera in your home and are looking for the process of how to connect ADT camera to wifi and its guidelines then our webpage content is completely for you. ADT camera setup and how to connect ADT camera to wifi are one of the easiest processes, first you have to initiate the setup process then you need to execute ADT camera wifi setup and for both these things you have to start by downloading the ADT app on your device and then by creating your account with the precise instructions complete the login process and then follow the given steps:

  • From the Google app or play store, download the ADT Pulse app.
  • After installing the app on your device, open your ADT app and create an account.
  • Now on the app main screen, Tap on “Add device”.
  • Now from the list of the devices that are viewed on the screen click on “ADT Pulse Camera”.
  • After that enter the serial number of your camera and click on continue.
  • After all this, Follow the on-screen instructions, to connect ADT Camera to the WiFi Network and complete the ADT camera setup.
connect ADT Camera to WiFi

What if my ADT Wireless Camera Setup is not successful?

If you are facing a situation where ADT camera is not connected to WiFi and you are looking for ADT camera WiFi setup, in that case, you can try these few things:

ADT Wireless Camera Setup

First and foremost make sure that your ADT camera is in the range of the router. Sometimes this is the only reason that the camera is not getting connected to WiFi as router is far away which can create signal problem.

ADT Wireless Camera Setup

You can also inspect whether there is any other device that is causing interference and is not letting your ADT camera to connect to your WiFi.

ADT Wireless Camera Setup

Third thing you can try is you can restart your router and camera so this sometimes solves the connection issues.

ADT Wireless Camera Setup

If you are not able to connect ADT camera to WiFi with the above-given steps then for the right guidance you can contact us any time for the detailed assistance.

ADT Doorbell Camera Setup

ADT doorbell cameras have proved to be the smartest and the most wonderful device for your home security purposes. Whether you are at your home or away from your home, with the ADT camera login it is easy to keep an eye on your property. This device has launched its extraordinary features which makes it one of the most prestigious and smartest devices for your home security. If you have decided to add a doorbell camera in your home security then these are some points that you should consider before investing your money.

ADT Doorbell Camera Setup

In case you are using the wireless doorbell camera and are looking for steps on how to carry out the doorbell ADT camera WiFi setup then here is the complete guide on how to connect ADT doorbell camera to WiFi in easy steps.

How to connect the ADT Doorbell Camera to WiFi and complete process of ADT Doorbell Camera WiFi Setup

Firstly Power on the switch that is located on the rear side of the doorbell camera, Press the switch for 10-15 seconds then wait until the LED turns red. If in case you cannot see the camera and the LED light on then it means it has a low battery and to avoid such a situation it is suggested to always keep your ADT doorbell camera charged for 2 hours before installation by using a Micro USB cable with a USB charger.

Complete process of ADT doorbell camera Wi-Fi setup

The other case is when the LED is not flashing the red light in such a scenario you have to start the installation process all over again by pressing hold the reset button for 15 seconds.

  1. Firstly, power on the camera and then wait for the LED light to turn red.
  2. Then go to the browser of your choice and then log in either into the TS installer app or the Pulse Portal.
  3. After this navigate to manage the device screen either by pulse portal or TS installer app.
  4. Now click on Camera in the main device screen.
  5. Check for WPS button and click add on it.
  6. Now you will be asked for the PIN, in the WPS pin field enter your pin number.
  1. Following this, press the ring button and now for the WPS process the LED would be turned to a blinking green.
  2. If the camera is connected then the details of the camera will be displayed on the screen and now you can name the device.
  3. Thereafter, the newly named devices will be displayed in the list of cameras.
  4. You will get to see the Main Devices screen on the display. Click on close.
  5. Find “System” page to check whether device is connected or not. click on the “System” page.

Why is the ADT Doorbell Camera not Recording?

When you find that your ADT Doorbell camera is not recording then there can be a number of reasons why your ADT doorbell camera is not recording. Some of the apparent ones are:

The ADT doorbell camera not recording

How to inspect the Battery Percentage of your ADT Doorbell Camera?

Well if you are confused about how you will check the battery of your ADT Camera then there is no need to stress out yourself, for this you just need to know that the Pulse app that you downloaded on your phone while installing the camera will give you all the detailed information regarding ADT doorbell cameras. Moreover, on this app, you can check the battery life of the camera along with the display panel.