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Resetting and Entering of Security Codes in ADT Alarm System

Resetting and Entering of Security Codes in ADT Alarm System

If you are choosing ADT alarm system for the security of your family then you can save them from the latent dangers. The security of the family is the main purpose of any individual specially keeping today’s world scenario, if you have installed the security camera and thinking your job is done then you are wrong. You must be aware of everything that is related to your security camera whether it is related to device’s resetting or about new updates. If you are not aware of how to reset and enter your passcode in you ADT security camera then follow the given steps and ease your work:
For the various security purposes, you are advised to change and reset your passcodes. To gain the complete control over your device it is an important thing and it becomes more important if you have shifted your camera from one place to another.

Restore the integrity of your Security system by resetting the codes

Remove your fear of unauthorized access by anyone and with the help of these steps secure your home by resetting code:
  • Have the access of ADT security panel, which might be located near the front door or at the centre of place. This tool is small which have the numeric keypad and display screen but the soul of your whole security system.
  • The next step is to enter installation code which is mostly common for ADT system that is 4112, before entering it check your device model or check the manual if this code won’t work.
  • You will enter the programming mode once the installation code entered in the security panel. You will get menu on the display screen.
  • In the menu selection list, you will find the reset code option, from here you can stop your camera from as well, replace or change the security code by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Re-enter the new code, confirm it and proceed further, commonly used codes must be ignored, set a unique but easy to remember code.
  • Once it is verified, press the exit button and leave the programming mode, now complete the procedure by filling the security code in your ADT alarm.
After resetting the security code, it becomes more important to enter the code correctly into your alarm system, follow the given instructions to complete it;
  • For both ADT and non-ADT alarm systems you need to get the security panel and disarm the system by inputting the main code.
  • You can silent the alarm by entering the right code in the situation when you find any intruder in your safe area. And you can do this without even letting it know to the impostor.
  • ADT alarm system provides you the duress code, with the help of which you can dispose your alarm system when needed, it will send a message to the ADT monitoring services when you enter the duress code and they will quite the system.
  • You can visit login for the more details about ADT alarm codes.


Keep the code safe with you and don’t anyone know about it, it is a crucial thing for your ADT alarm systems. If you are unable to remember it then keep it in writing but only where you can access it. If you need further assistance in this matter, you can contact our team.