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How Do I Connect My Adt Pulse to Google Home?

How Do I Connect My Adt Pulse to Google Home?


The expediency and security characteristics of smart home technology are making it more and more prevalent in today’s networked milieu. Through integrating your ADT Pulse structure with Google Home, you can use vocal sound instructions to automate and secure your home. You may have additional control and peace of mind by connecting your ADT Pulse to Google Home using the instructions in this blog.

Activate the Google Home app

  • Open the Google Home app on your device to begin. Ensure that the Google account connected to your Google Home device is active.
  • Discover the “Menu” sign in the top-left extent of the Google Home app. Classically, it appears as three horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down and choose “Home Control” from the menu. You may connect your ADT Pulse security system to Google Home from here.
  • To add a new device, press the “+ sign” or “Add” button under the Home Control section. Adt camera login is must to comprehend the process.

Look up ADT Pulse

  • Search for “ADT Pulse” in the search box or browse the list of supported devices until you locate it. To twitch the setup technique, snap on it.
  • ADT account login will be required of you. To connect your ADT Pulse account with Google Home, enter your ADT login information.
  • In order to access your ADT Pulse account and manage your linked devices, Google Home will ask for your permission. To give these rights, click “Authorise” or “Allow”.
  • Link Your Devices – As soon as you’ve given Google Assistant permission to access your ADT Pulse account, a list of your linked devices will appear. Using Google Home, you may choose which devices you wish to manage. Pick what you want, then tick “Completed.”


  • Assign devices to rooms – Assign your gadgets to particular rooms in the Google Home app to make it simpler to operate them with voice commands. Even though this step is discretionary, it can expand your involvement with a smart home.


  • voice command – You may now use voice commands to control your ADT Pulse devices after successfully connecting them to Google Home. Say “Hey Google, arm ADT Pulse” or “Hey Google, lock the front door” to control your security and automation devices without having to use your hands.


Managing your smart home security and automation is made much easier by integrating your ADT Pulse with Google Home. You may use Google Home to conveniently operate your ADT Pulse devices by speaking instructions to it by subsequently a few easy steps. This seamless connection improves the security of your house while also improving the effectiveness and fun of your everyday activities. To experience the future of smart home life, connect your ADT Pulse to Google Home right away and for more knowledge contact us.