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Setup Adt Video Surveillance System With Cloud Storage

Setup Adt Video Surveillance System With Cloud Storage

When it comes to surveillance, no other name comes to mind than ADT. ADT has been in this industry for moderately an elongated time and is also prevalent amid people. This blog will let you through the process of setting up ADT video surveillance system with its cloud storage so that you can easily manage the monitoring.

Advantages of ADT video surveillance

  • Deterrence
  • Remote access
  • Notifications
  • High quality images and videos
  • Cloud storage

How to execute the ADT camera setup

Before starting the process, you must select between the camera types because there is a wide variety of cameras that ADT proffers. You must select the camera type based on your need whether you want indoor or outdoor camera, PTZ, dome cameras also analyse the night vision, video quality, cloud storage plans.

  • Start the setup with choosing best place for your camera, camera must be out of anybody’s reach and protected from harsh weather condition.
  • With utmost attention mount the camera with its helping objects and do not leave it in wobble condition.
  • Link your camera to the power source either through power adapter or through an ethernet wire. Ethernet linking is also known as PoE.
  • Using ethernet cables you need to complete the network connection. Link the camera and router through it.
  • Check the cloud storage plans and choose the one that fits better according to your needs and activate its cloud storage service.
  • Get the ADT app in your device through the app store and comprehend the login process by putting the right details of login credentials.
  • Complete the settings and alter them according to your needs.
  • Enable the smart features like motion detection, sensors and notifications.
  • Don’t forget to test the camera functions, check the network accessibility through live feed.
  • If needed alter the camera’s physical positioning to get full coverage.

How to grab full potential of ADT camera

  • Keep a regular check on ADT app and firmware updates for ADT Camera Setup. These updates are always useful and can fix many issues.
  • (If you don’t know how to get these updates then you must enable the app’s notification system that will send you alerts every time when there will be any update available and with the help of app’s prompt you can easily download and install them)
  • Clean the camera lens time to time and make sure that you will clean with the help of soft cloth.
  • If your camera is situated outdoors then you need to weather proof it.
  • If camera is battery operated then time to time change its batteries.
  • You can manage your cloud storage by deleting not required footage.
  • Go back to the settings and add your camera again, complete other important setting like sensors and motion activity alerts, storage and notifications.

Final thoughts

For the utmost surveillance you can change your cloud storage plan any time and adjust it according to your need and if you need further assistance for the camera setup or login then you can contact our service team anytime. They will gladly assist you to resolve your ADT camera related issue.