ADT Smart Wifi Camera

Connect ADT Camera To Wi-Fi Extender

Connect ADT Camera To Wi-Fi Extender

The wireless cameras are getting popular among people because there will no hassle of wires for the camera setup.  When your camera is not in the coverage range of your wifi router them you must have the wifi extender to solve the range and connectivity issues. You can find easy to execute steps about how to connect ADT camera to wifi extender (to monitor the feed properly) in this blog.

Choosing the right one is necessary

  • First check the compatibility of the extenders you have shortlisted with your ADT camera model.
  • To choose the right extender you can consult the ADT manual to check the required standards of wifi for Camera.

Select the place for extender

  • To get the maximum range coverage select an appropriate place for the wifi extender.
  • You can place it in the middle or central place from existing router and the camera to minimize the obstructions and to get full strength network.
  • Ensure the connection is stable between these three.

Power connection to the extender

  • You can select power socket where you can easily setup the connection with existing router and camera.
  • Plug in the extender’s adapter into the socket and built the connection for setup.

Adjust the router’s settings

  • You need to do ADT camera login for adjusting the settings.
  • Take your device which you were using for accessing the camera.
  • You can also use web interface to know about the extender network setup and other details just enter the IP address of your extender into the web browser’s address bar.

Establish connection

  • Select the SSID and enter the password you want to use for connection and access.
  • Your extender will then establish the connection with the primary router.

Connect the camera

  • For connecting the camera with your extender read the instructions carefully for the model or series number of your camera.
  • You need to reset your camera so that you can built new connection setup.
  • Then using the app or IP address you can complete the wifi extender’s SSID connection and enter its password.

Alter the settings after connection setup

  • Go back to the settings and add your camera again, complete other important setting like sensors and motion activity alerts, storage and notifications.

Remote access and connection test

  • Check your connection and do the settings for remote access.
  • Check the live feed, if it is visible then the connection setup is complete. You can check adjust the camera positioning if there is error in view.
  • Enjoy the error free and extended wifi coverage to view your live feed without any interruption.


You should not hesitate to connect with ADT support team if you face difficulty in setting up the extender. Visit their website to explore more troubleshooting tips about ADT camera and to contact their technical experts through live chat and get the instant results for your queries. You can also make a direct call to the expert team to get the solution rapidly and save your time and energy.